Digitization – a Prediction of the Future II (Digitization)

As promised this is the second part of the guest post series of Sven Guckes which started here. Besides a lot more things he can be described as hacktivist. Thank you again, Sven, vor allowing me to publish parts of your text from your website

This time I chose a part which focusses on thoughts about digitization.

== Digitization ==

what has been dreamed of since the 18th century -
it is here now: the world of zeros and ones.
finally, we can do so many things with data.
but before it is data, the things we deal with
must be digitized.  so more problems - so little time.

Digitization comprises a lot of fields, and
will be here to stay as many professions.
it will create a log of jobs and blah blah blah..
when will pupils at school learn about all this?

this affects a lot of people.. and not
only when they do a PhD at university,
accessing books at the library.

the access to data online will be as common
as reading books has been all the time.
access and bandwidth will facilitate this.
let's make it as open as possible to everyone!

all things non-ditized will require digitization
so we can distribute the info and make
them accessible to everyone out there.
understand digitization to aid others.

digitization has naturally become a key role
in finding solutions to our world problems.

so.. digitize!
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Katrin Etzrodt

About Katrin Etzrodt

Katrin Etzrodt is research assistant at the department of media and communication at the Technical University of Dresden (TUD). At the moment she’s part of the project ”Software Engineering Sozialer und Allgegenwärtiger Medien”.

Research interests:
- ubiquitous and social media
- information selection – daily rational behaviour and information repertoires
- information literacy, digital literacy
- digital education

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