Digitization – a Prediction of the Future III (The Summer School)

Part III is the last one of the guest post series from Sven Guckes website text, for now. While part I focused on a summery of the summer school event and part II brought up some thoughts about ‘digitization’, this post will discuss the issue of Creative Commons. It’s basically the essence of the workshop, he moderated on September 29th 2013, back at the summer school. If you are interested on more information about the workshop’s issues and discussion you can have a look here.

== (CC) ==

here's a summary of my talk/workshop on
creative commons license in a few words:

the "creative commons" license
tries to fill the gap between
"all rights reserved" (copyright) and
"it's all free" (eg copyleft and free software).

creators would like to share their works as "data" 
as freely as possible - however, they would like
to impose some demands on these things:
eg  attribution of creator, commercial application,
and restriction to license of derivative works.
(in short: creator, money, derivative works)

so these are the possible choices for this license:

  cc-by       = Attribution    (Commercial)
  cc-by-nd    = Attribution    (Commercial)  No Derivatives
  cc-by-sa    = Attribution    (Commercial)  Share Alike
  cc-by-nc    = Attribution Non-Commercial
  cc-by-nc-nd = Attribution Non-Commercial   No Derivatives
  cc-by-nc-sa = Attribution Non-Commercial   Share Alike

choose wisely - but do make a chocie before publishing!
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Katrin Etzrodt

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Katrin Etzrodt is research assistant at the department of media and communication at the Technical University of Dresden (TUD). At the moment she’s part of the project ”Software Engineering Sozialer und Allgegenwärtiger Medien”.

Research interests:
- ubiquitous and social media
- information selection – daily rational behaviour and information repertoires
- information literacy, digital literacy
- digital education

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