Digitized Publishing: Scientific Blogging

This is the shortened presentation for the workshop I instructed together with my colleague Rebecca Renatus. Rebecca prepared part one and myself prepared part two.

You’ll find information on research about scientific blogging, but also practices and advices.

The workshop resulted in a lot of posts on this summer school blog from our participants and there will be more. Thank you all for your engagement! We are really happy, that you are joining our team!

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Katrin Etzrodt

About Katrin Etzrodt

Katrin Etzrodt is research assistant at the department of media and communication at the Technical University of Dresden (TUD). At the moment she’s part of the project ”Software Engineering Sozialer und Allgegenwärtiger Medien”.

Research interests:
- ubiquitous and social media
- information selection – daily rational behaviour and information repertoires
- information literacy, digital literacy
- digital education

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