Beautiful Dresden

Dresden is the capital of saxony with a population of nearly 530.000. The 800 years old town is the political centre of the federal state and is the  residence of the first university of excellency (Exzellenzuniverisität) in the New Laender (neuen Bundesländern).

Dresden is regarded as one of the most economic dynamical towns of Germany and offers a great and diverse cultural scene, too. It is called “Elbflorence” because of its special arts collection in combination with its baroque and mediterran architecture near the scenic location at the river ‘Elbe’. The river also devides the city in the historic centre (Dresden Altstadt) south of the Elbe and the new town (Dresden Neustadt) north of the Elbe.

Dresden Altstadt and its beautiful architecture

Dresden is famous for its ‘Canaletto View’ which was created by the Venetian artist Bernardo Bellotto in 1748. You can see some of the splendiferous  buildings, such as the Dresden Castle or the Church of our Lady, partial covered by the Augustus Bridge.

Altstadt Dresden Statue - Kevin Coabhin

The city offers a great variety of architecture from the middle ages to the 21st century, but also a rich spectrum of museums, e.g. the Old Masters Pictures Galery, the Porcelain Collection or the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon, where you can visit one of the oldest collections of historical scientific instruments in the world and of course the Semperoper.

Dresden Neustadt, its artistic scene and its nightlife

Neustadt-1  Neustadt-3 Neustadt-4 Neustadt-7 Neustadt-6

Dresden Neustadt is known for its progressive artistic scene, which for instance, arises in a  manifold street art. Beyond that you can visit the Kunsthofpassage or the blaue Fabrik (blue manufactory) to get an impression.

The rich culture of restaurants and bars also defines the character of Dresden Neustadt. The spectrum ranges from traditional German food with a breeze of rafinesse or a breeze of surrealismPastaIndianRussian to Spanish food and many more.

Dresden’s vicinity

Worth mentioning is also the lovely landscape near Dresden. For fans of nature or rambling a must-see! Subsequent you’ll find a small sample of the great variety.

Dresdner Heide - PierreIn the north of the city you find Dresden Heath, which is one of the largest municipal forests in Germany by area.
Smaller, but not less beautiful is the Großer Garten in the central location of Dresden. A baroque style park including Dresden Zoo and Dresden Botanical Garden.

Sächsische Schweiz-Oligsandr DantsigerNot far from Dresden you can visit the Saxonian Switzerland, which is the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. It is known for its plurality of climbing peaks and hollows as well as its castles and fortresses such as Königstein Fortress but also for the Bastei. From there you can visit Neurathen Castle, too, the largest rock castle of the Middle Ages.